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All In Just 1 Week Of Pimlico In The Media!

Charlie MullinsMonday 13th November 2017
Charlie Mullins

With huge Pimlico records being smashed, and a great success at our 12th Lord Mayor’s Show… it’s been a busy week, and that’s reflected in the media too. Also plenty going on behind the scenes and many projects in the pipeline, that’ll be coming soon.

See all from a week of PP in the press -

The Lord Mayor's Show 2017

What a great day for the Lord Mayor's Show on Saturday, a massive turn out and a great job by everyone involved at Pimlico (especially all our youngsters from Streetz Ahead with another fantastic routine, and the team behind the scenes making sure it all went to plan). 

See all the pictures here. 

London Loves Business: How To Solve The Tax-Haven Problem No Taxes, No Justice!

Every time a load of people get caught with their proverbial pants down over their tax arrangements there is an outpouring of anger and disgust, and then … nothing happens. And it seems the reason that nothing happens is that, well, as long as you don’t do anything illegal, there is nothing that can be done about tax-avoidance. 

Yes, you can change the current laws, but there are always ways around new laws for those with fancy (read expensive) lawyers and accountants.

So perhaps it’s time to look at the issue from a different perspective?  If we can’t make people, and large corporations, do the right thing by the use of civil law, maybe there are better ways to incentivise them to pay their share?  How about we withdraw services, starting with Justice and public services and amenities?

Taxes are used to run counties, they pay for infrastructure, roads, rail, health services, the police, and the military to name a few of the big ticket items...

Read the full article in London Loves Business here. 

Controversial Stuff - Talk Radio - Boris' Balls Ups & Paradise Papers!

Last week on Talk-Radio neither I nor the infamous James Whale managed to get into the studio, so it was my Comms director Karl and former SNP MP, BBC and ITV man, John Nicolson.

Clearly John is a political bloke and they got right down to it with a half hour of discussions on Paradise Papers, and Boris' balls up . . . . . 

London Loves Business: Back Off Our Black Cabs Mayor Khan!

Mayor Khan is back at it again, with more plans to disrupt London’s economy. Unveiling his “pedestrian boulevard” plan for Oxford Street this morning leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth.

Just a few weeks ago he imposed a new T-Charge on vehicles in Central London, and now to attack London’s backbone (black taxis) with no thought to how it might impact the cab industry, or the wider the economy, by prohibiting access into Oxford Street is simply ludicrous.

Let’s be under no illusions here this is a betrayal of something that is quintessentially London, and the Mayor should be ashamed of himself.

By restricting black taxi access to London’s busiest shopping street will start a ripple effect and have unimagined, knock on, financial ramifications for businesses...

Read the full piece here.

Real Business: When Is The Right Age To Retire? You May Well Find Recruits Have Returned To Work!

It seems taking a back seat is something a lot of people are finding increasingly difficult to do and a return to work after retiring could be on the cards.

Historically, we have seen 65 as the golden age to retire and reward ourselves for decades of hard work, with an indefinite break of putting our feet up.

According to a recent study conducted by academics at Kings College London and the University of Manchester, who featured an image of my PA, 76–year-old Mario Rebellato, alongside their findings, one in four people actually return to work, with most making a comeback within four years.

Seems the age to retire is really changing, as the amount of people who work after they turn 65 has doubled to about ten per cent since the millennium, while the share of 50 to 64-year-olds in work has climbed to a record 71 per my full column at

BBC Three Counties - JVS Show 

Back on what's one of my favourite stations and radio shows - the JVS show on BBC Radio Three Counties. This time it was a discussion on Brexit and the possibility of a second referendum...

Well worth a listen.

Podcast - Innovate To Success, Talking Bog-Standard Business & More!

Had great fun talking to Ian Luckett of ‘Innovate to Success’ for a podcast – out today. It’s 30 minutes of business talk, everything on the journey to Pimlico Plumbers as it is now; including retaining customers, big business decisions and quality of product. Of course, much more and while I was showing Ian around the PP HQ we couldn’t go without talking about our huge expansion going on and our famous team incentive scheme!

Answering many questions I get asked too, and my one tip I'm finding myself repeating more - 'to have a successful business it's not rocket science - it takes three ingredients; enthusiasm, hard work and not sitting on the fence!