Real Business: After Being Sued, The Taylor Review Of The Modern Economy Is Music To My Ears!

Charlie MullinsMonday 17th July 2017
Charlie Mullins

After being met with an employment rights lawsuit this year, the Taylor Review’s evaluation of the modern economy is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Having gone through what I have in the past year, the Matthew Taylor Review of Employment Practices in the Modern Economy, and what it has to say about the gig economy, has been a long time coming.

There’s been a lot of dispute over what the gig economy actually is and a few firms, including mine, have been at the heart of the debate, accused of taking advantage of their workers’ lack of bargaining power. 

However, from what I have seen of the Taylor Review it has effectively held Pimlico Plumbers, and other good companies, up as examples of best practice in the gig economy.

In this modern economy, this is music to my ears, but we’re left with the problem that the Taylor Review now seems to be . . . . read the rest of my weekly column at