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A Week With Lots Going On In The Media!

Charlie MullinsMonday 11th September 2017
Charlie Mullins

Last week was another busy one on the calendar, following onto this week too; with plenty scheduled in already! Great to have so much going on and looking forward to some new upcoming projects. In the past week it’s been filming, radio and more in press – including news on our record figures!

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PHPI Magazine: PP Reaches New Records!!

The momentum we have built over the last decade has been phenomenal, but we have to keep up the pace. If we had made the same sales in 2016-17 as we did in 2015-16 revenue would have been down; so our realisation that we needed to do better, just to stand still, is what is responsible for the increase in revenue over the past year, and is the single biggest factor that continues to drive the company on to new heights. 

Increasing our head count and our capacity has enabled us bring in more jobs, which is keeping the expanded workforce busy to the tune of an additional five million worth of sales, and helped secure more of the London market....

Read the full in PHPI Online here. 

Business Funding Show: Starting With A Van And A Bag Of Tools!

Building everything with a van and bag of tools…and there’s three factors that made a huge impact on PP today –

Read more in the article by the Business Funding Show...that I’ll be at on 26th September! 

Real Business: It’s Been Months Since The BBC Scandal – And Another Pay Gap Issue Is Under Scrutiny!

While much is still being said about the BBC's differing wages for men and women, another type of pay gap is taking centre stage. Government plans will soon see companies owned by shareholders highlight how much chief executives make in comparison to their average worker.

For some it’s an opportunity to “name and shame” bosses whose pay deals have frequently been met with board room revolts. But you have to wonder what impact, if any, publishing that pay gap is going to have on employees.

Research conducted by the High Pay Centre revealed the big bosses of these companies make more by lunchtime than staff will earn in the whole year. In numbers, the think tank estimated CEOs will earn 129 times more.

For someone at the bottom of the pecking order, it’s undoubtedly a hard pay gap to contemplate. Yet, if you ask me, a good CEO shouldn’t feel ashamed to have the figure made public, despite what they might be raking my full column at

PHAM News: National Apprenticeship Scheme To Help NEETS!

While the continuing fall in unemployment is positive, we have to turn our attention to those who are becoming a lost generation. The number of young people who have not been in employment, education and training for more than a year is rising, which is concerning and shows that we’re taking our eye off the ball.

The efforts to get young people into work after they leave education may be improving, but too many are still falling through the cracks. This can be solved by a nationally-funded apprenticeship scheme that takes Job Seeker’s Allowance and transforms it into Job Achiever’s Allowance to help offset businesses’ training cost..

Read more in PHAM News online 

An Honour To Write The Foreword To 'A Marvellous Reputation' - Out Soon!

Being asked to write the foreword for ‘A Marvellous Reputation’ written by the wonderful Lucy Matthews was an honour – and so lovely to see that the final piece arrived today! 

Lucy and I are very much drinking from the same teapot and talking common sense on everything PR. It’s quite simply the best marketing tool for any business, large or small (and is what I've been saying for years!). In ten chapters Lucy outlines ’10 lessons for entrepreneurs who want to be talked about’…and they couldn’t be more to the point.

To say it’s worth a read is no exaggeration - launching 4th-5th October! 

Channel 4 Filming, Coming Soon!

Last week we spent the day filming for a brand new TV to Channel 4 in October and it will be featuring our very own call Centre Manager, Katie, and Operations Director, Scott. 

More to follow...

Five of the Best on Brand - It Ain't Just About Slapping a Logo on a Van!

Branding is a huge part of PP, so it's often a topic I find myself being asked about - so it was great answering some top questions with 'Brand in Process'.

Would you say that the development of your brand has played a part in your success?  Undoubtedly – my success is so linked to the Pimlico Plumbers brand that sometimes it’s hard to tell where I stop and the brand takes over. I’d say I am the human embodiment of the brand, or maybe the brand is just a projection of myself?...

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