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A Week in the Spotlight - Pimlico in the Media!

Charlie MullinsFriday 10th November 2017
Charlie Mullins

Plenty of Pimlico in the media from last week to put together, and much in the pipeline too. The event of the week had to be the National Asian Apprenticeship Awards on Wednesday evening, such an honour to be invited and to be keynote speaker.

Here’s PP as seen in the media, last week  

The National Asian Apprenticeship Awards!

What a night for the National Asian Apprenticeship Awards in Birmingham. 

So many deserving winners and finalists, and what an honour to be asked to keynote speaker for the event.

Really great to meet everyone and huge congratulations to all winners…and the brilliant team behind all of the organising!

Apprentice of the Year, 2017, the very talented, Naila Bibi

The Asian Today - Celebrating Apprenticeships At The National Asian Apprenticeship Awards!

As I said, what an honour to be invited along to the event and to be speaking on stage on the night. So great to meet everyone and congratulate very deserving winners!

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Real Business: We’re Not Lazy Slackers, So What Are We Going To Do About Low Productivity?

A bunch of lazy slackers we definitely are not, but if we are to achieve the levels of economic growth we desperately need in the UK, we are going to have to sort out our historically low productivity problem.

When it comes to Gross Domestic Product, the UK falls below the 0.6 per cent growth seen in the Eurozone total, a blatant indicator that we’re lagging behind with low productivity.

Despite the constant doom and gloom that surrounds this issue however, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. As latest ONS statistics show, UK GDP has grown from 0.3 per cent, to a more encouraging 0.4 per cent in the third quarter.

Growth in any form is a sign that we’re on the right track and although, as a result, the Monetary Policy Committee could raise interest rates from its record low of 0.25 per cent when it meets this week, there’s still plenty to be positive about...

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National Edition Of Business Leader Magazine 

An honour to see myself on the front cover of the national Business Leader Magazine, and also featuring a few of my own experiences in business (there’s been a lot on the journey of Pimlico Plumbers…).

Here’s a few:

And plenty more to read here.

I couldn’t go without talking Brexit and business, as I said – I was very vocal about remaining in the EU, and still are. Many people thought it was because I employ EU workers, but this ha nothing to do with it…more in the article

Really great magazine, and brilliant team behind it. Well worth grabbing a copy! 

Talk Radio: James Whale Show 

On the weekly slot, covering everything and anything in the news - great chat, entertaining as always!

Listen here 

Five of the Best on Brand - It Ain't Just About Slapping a Logo on a Van!

Branding is a huge part of PP, so it's often a topic I find myself being asked about - so it was great answering some top questions with 'Brand in Process'.

Would you say that the development of your brand has played a part in your success?  Undoubtedly – my success is so linked to the Pimlico Plumbers brand that sometimes it’s hard to tell where I stop and the brand takes over. I’d say I am the human embodiment of the brand, or maybe the brand is just a projection of myself?...

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