JTL Apprenticeships at Pimlico Plumbers

JTL Training PeopleWhat is JTL?

JTL is a leading training provider to the building services engineering sector working with over 3,500 businesses, including Pimlico Plumbers.

Pimlico’s involvement with JTL

Pimlico is recognised as an approved employer by JTL and we offer the following apprenticeship training to their apprentices:

Apprentices will carry out Advanced Apprenticeship Diplomas, taking up to four years to complete, which is a first rate work-based, Government funded, training programmes for young people between the ages of 16 and 24.

Apprentices are in full time employment at Pimlico right from the beginning. They learn about their trade by gaining hands on experience working with engineers and they attend college or a training centre one day a week to learn the theoretical side of the trade, as well as being assessed on site by a qualified JTL assessor  towards their NVQ qualification.

Benefits of carrying out a JTL apprenticeship at Pimlico

What we expect from our JTL Apprentices

At Pimlico we expect Apprentices to show enthusiasm and keenness. They will also have to have the following skills:

Apprentices must also be between the ages of 16-24.

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