Pimlico's Communication Technology

As a forward thinking company we are constantly developing new ways to improve and simplify how our customers can communicate with us.

Our technological communications systems are highly advanced and help us to maintain our high quality, efficient and speedy service and to uphold our reputation as London's leading service company.

Pimlico’s Website

The management, design, construction and analysis of Pimlico’s website are headed up by its internal IT team ensuring it is kept up to date with the latest in web design.

Our website reflects our first class service and our transparent company ethos. We keep the site constantly updated with the latest information about Pimlico, our company charges, our guarantee, and anything else you might want to know about us.

We use the website to engage with customers and keep them up to date with our latest company news. Videos, images, and press cutting are all stored in our media section which is constantly updated. There is even a blog written daily by our MD Charlie Mullins.

Our Live Chat communication tool allows customers to communicate immediately and conveniently with our friendly call centre team regarding all customer enquiries and job bookings.

Telephone System

We have a brand new advanced telephone system at our 24 hour call centre. It enables us to easily handle your calls with holding functions, and call passing technology, making it a simple and straightforward process. Our lines are continually checked for call quality to make sure that our customers always get the best possible experience when calling us.

Mobile Phones

Our engineers and managers all over London are in constant contact with us via company mobile phones. We can get answers to any query a customer might have about a job with ease, and our engineers can call customers directly to confirm any works.

Vehicle Tracking System

Each of our vehicles is fitted with a state-of-the-art tracking system. This GPS hi-tech equipment uses satellite signals to transmit a time and signal location of our Volkswagen Transporter vans. This location is then displayed on a secure, gridded web-based mapping system back at our headquarters in Lambeth. Find out more »

Contact Us

For further information you can contact our IT Manager Umed Mistry using the details below: